Dns not updating records from dhcp

If there is a problem with PTRs getting updated even after configuring credentials, please see this article: DHCP server processes expired PTR resource records in Windows Server 2003 . The use of Name Protection in the Windows Server® 2008 R2 operating system prevents name squatting by non-Windows-based computers.

Name squatting does not present a problem on a homogeneous Windows network where Active Directory® Domain Services (AD DS) can be used to reserve a name for a single user or computer.” DHCP Step-by-Step Guide: Demonstrate DHCP Name Protection“Name squatting occurs when a non-Windows-based computer registers in Domain Name System (DNS) with a name that is already registered to a computer running a Windows® operating system.

You must delete them manually to allow DHCP to take care of all new records moving forward. DHCP will give that duplicate named client an IP, but it will not register it into DNS.

This happens even though DHCP registered the record.

The use of Name Protection in the Windows Server® 2008 R2 operating system prevents name squatting by non-Windows-based computers.

“ DHCP Name Protection The DNSupdateproxy group must be secured if Name Protection is enabled on any IPv4 scope Credentials for DNS update should be configured if secure dynamic DNS update is enabled and the domain controller is on the same host as the DHCP server

To configure DHCP Option 081, you must look at the DHCP server properties, under the DNS Tab in DHCP properties. If you have Windows 2008 R2 or Windows 2012 R2, in addition to configuring the DNS tab to force registration, you still must configure credentials and add the server to the Dns Update Proxy group.

Despite it being a DHCP Option, it’s not found in a DHCP server, scope or class option. After configuring the above provedure, the credentials and Dns Update Proxy group configuratuion will not update current or delete duplicate records. If DHCP is on a Windows 2008 R2 DC, to protect the DC when using the Dns Update Proxy group, you must secure the group by running: dnscmd /config /Open Acl On Proxy Updates 0 Using “DHCP Name Protection.” will register A and PTR record on behalf of a client, and will prevent a workstation (non-Windows) Name Squatting, meaning using a name that another machine (non-Windows or Windows) client that DHCP already registered , from registering it’s name.

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