Dirk nowitzki dating black girl

'I Felt Nothing at All' He wishes he could have holed up there forever, he says.

Seven weeks ago, his mentor, Holger Geschwindner, explained to him that his personal life had been a farce for the past year.

The German star recently stumbled into one of those traps.

Her name, the one she gave Nowitzki at least, was Christian Trevino.

Still, it is a pressure-packed life full of potential pitfalls.

Her hair is tied up in a loose ponytail and she is wearing a baggy, green shirt.

He gets some cheese and cold cuts from the enormous refrigerator to make sandwiches.

Crystal Ann Taylor -- the name on her police record -- is not from South America, but from Saint Louis -- from the west bank of the Mississippi River, not the Amazon.

She and Nowitzki lived together for a year, after having known each other for several years.

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