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"TST is based on compassionate principles and the activism brings it to life," says Seraphina."Right now, just being a decent, compassionate human being makes you part of the Resistance!"Satanism empowered me to freely be the best version of myself by holding me accountable...

It teaches you that you deserve everything the world has to offer — love, respect, happiness, confidence, consent — and you should never feel guilt or shame for getting these things.Most of these points simply indicate your teenager is, in fact, a teenager. If your child is hearing voices, talking about suicide, or torturing animals, they need a doctor, not a lecture about Satanic influences. There are dangerous things going on in their brains, things that have absolutely nothing to do with the occult or Satanism.That is nothing short of demonizing mental illness. “An unusual interest in weaponry.” What counts as unusual? (Or drugs, in the case of this particular list.) If your child is obsessive about something, that can be problematic in and of itself, but it certainly doesn't require the occult.They are fear-mongering written by people who generally don't appear to actually have any knowledge of the real occult or Satanic beliefs and practices, but who encourage the common but completely debunked stereotypes such as Satanic Ritual Abuse, which is a myth.Consider the total numbers if 1% of children were really doing this. And before you start fearing the possibility of a Satanic-fueled teenage homicide in your neighborhood, consider the last time you have ever heard of an actual case of such a thing happening.

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"If a resistance is to mean anything, people need to strive for factual integrity."Blattodea, who says they were "raised in a proper Christian home" and "was taught to take abuse and keep my head down by the church," was already feeling distant from their faith when they happened to stumble on the philosophy and tenets of Satanism while browsing online.

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