Dating violence studies in undergraduate

Method: Two literature searches were performed for IPV and depression from a combination of 87 databases including EBSCO, Proquest, Nursing at OVID, Medline, Pub Med, CINAHL, Psyc ARTICLES, JSTOR, SAGE journals, and Google Scholar.

When perpetration has been studied, it has focused on violence with partners, further exploration of gender differences for victimization and perpetration of physical, sexual, and emotional violence is a logical next step.Research suggests that less parental monitoring and the perception of low parental and social support (such as that experienced in the transition to the college environment) are associated with increased violence involvement.It is unclear whether experiences with certain types of violence (ie, physical, sexual, and emotional) during college are associated with the nature of the relationship between victims and perpetrators.Background: Intimate partner violence (IPV) and dating violence is a significant problem among college-age students.IPV has an associative outcome of depression and lower academic performance, but it is unknown how it relates to undergraduate nursing students.

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