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Throughout the volume, emphasis is placed on the relationship between research goal and measurement.The scientific evidence from the Dent site shows that Clovis people had a thorough understanding of Colorado mammoths, which made them skilled, successful hunters of the impressive Ice Age mammal.A Clovis projectile point created using bifacial percussion flaking (that is, each face is flaked on both edges alternatively with a percussor)Image courtesy of the Virginia Dept. Dent Site is a Clovis culture (about 11,000 years before present) site located in Weld County, Colorado, near Milliken, Colorado.It provided evidence that man and mammoth co-existed in the Americas.

No further Dent research took place until , when a joint team from the universities of Colorado and Arizona excavated a trench in the earlier bone bed area.Dent also made probably the most famous clock in the world - the Great Clock for the Houses of Parliament, familiarly known as Big Ben.Dent constructed the first Standard Astronomical Clock for the Admiralty in setting a precedent for the company to supply Standard Clocks to countries such as Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Brussels, Russia and as far afield as the USA and Japan throughout the 19th century. On one occasion a complete juvenile mammoth skeleton was assembled from bones of different animals and traded to a Cleveland museum.A UNC excavation in that draw uncovered a narrow gully that the mammoths might have used to descend to the river and where they may have been ambushed, trapped, and killed.Construction of the tracks, combined with heavy spring rains, had exposed a site that had been covered since the last ice age.

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