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If, however, you’re committed to experiencing the full potential of the Game Boy, you may find yourself exploring the realm of Game Boy customization.

Providing that money isn’t an issue, your Game Boy can be modified to reach its full potential.

Not only are there enough parts available to revive your tired old console, but you can also resolve fundamental flaws with the original system.

A great place to start when modifying your Game Boy is by updating its housing, with an alternative shell.

Throughout its lifetime, the Game Boy received various reiterations and redesigns that further enhanced Nintendo’s original formula.This is something the original Advance console design got right, with its wide shaped design and traditional sized buttons.The Game Boy Micro was released just as the brands reign was coming to an end; featuring a backlit screen, miniature size and customizable face plates, whilst only being compatible with Game Boy Advance games.It wasn’t until the Nintendo Game Boy made its debut in 1989 that gamers could finally play their games both practically and portably, changing the industry as we know it.Nintendo’s legendary gray brick had many qualities that gave it the advantage over its competition; longer battery life, a large library of games and a comfortable form factor all made it a gamers favorite travelling companion.

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