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I watch you spend thousands of dollars on gym memberships, expensive jeans and fancy watches all to impress a girl.To be frank, you have no idea what really makes a woman’s motor run. When it comes to physical appearance, we care a lot less than you think we do.You see them, even their physical appearance, differently now. Ask sixty-year-old love birds if they’re still “physically attracted” to each other.

They each look exactly the same as before, and yet they don’t.Its role is massive initially, say the very first time you see someone, when all you know about them is what you see, before you even know their name or hear their voice.But its role will necessarily evolve the more you learn about someone.“Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised” (Proverbs ). Because physical beauty and charm are naturally appealing. You can look at a picture in an ad or on an app and decide whether someone’s physical appearance is appealing to you, but that’s like buying a house based on a picture from the front yard.Most people want to enjoy how the front of their house looks, but that doesn’t typically break the list of the top ten or fifteen things they’re looking for in a home. Have the appliances been updated in the last five or ten years? The outside may be most important to some people, but they’re probably people who haven’t owned a home before.

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Mutual faith in Jesus Christ should be the most arrestingly attractive thing about any potential spouse.

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