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At the end of the game, she tells Yu that it's her dream to join the Inaba police force and she also hopes to work under Ryotaro Dojima so that she can protect the place that she loves and its people.

This is evident in the end part of her link, where she is protecting a young child against bullies.Two months after the true end of the Inaba murder investigation in Persona 4 Arena, Chie is still focused on entering the police academy after she graduates and becoming a police officer.However, while out on a jog, she overhears students discussing something one of them had seen on the Midnight Channel.The end result of Soejima's designing efforts proved to be critical for the development of Persona 4 as a whole, since Chie was the first character in the entire game whose design was finalized.As a result of that, much of the game's optimistic tone and even its color scheme owes a great debt to her creation.

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