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Make it a point to talk with him whenever you can; pick up on his interests or hobbies and talk about them; attend events that you think he attends; be willing to tell him that you like him and would like to spend more time together. Even the most super confident guy can lose his bravado on a first date, so don’t think you’re the only one.So just try to talk to them, get used to them, be with them. If you don’t have any, get some, and especially the ones where women hang out.

So take up running and sign up for every 5K you can. This is another great thing that will serve you your entire life and over time has become a haven for women who love to bike. If you REALLY want to meet women, join a kayaking club. If you do things that women like to do, then you will meet women. Bars are sex stores where people are bought and sold the way butcher shops sell meat. You have to fish where the fish are - the fish you want to catch. You have to learn self-confidence and this is something you can practice anywhere. I’m being kind and honing my self-confidence skills.

Be willing to take some of the initiative, but don’t be pushy.

For example, let him know you’re interested in him early on, but don’t ask him out on a date until the second or third time you run into him.”You can't really "make" someone fall in love with you, but you can be very clear about your interest in them.

Being modest means you are more likely to listen to your date, and could actually become aware of their feelings faster than louder personality types.

Shy guys get their energy from within, which is a charming quality.

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