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As Second Life’s membership declined, so did church membership.

The congregations that have lasted have had to migrate often, as users grow tired with the faddish platforms.

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I once read an interesting article about how by acquiring Nest, Google annexed the homes of those who already had Nest.

The ministers he knew were happy preaching only to those who walked through their doors on Sunday.

The only way to spread the good news as he envisioned, Soto decided, was to found his own church. He felt called to become a spiritual entrepreneur—an “apostle” in the lingo of some Christian writers whose thinking had come to influence him.

But Christianity, Soto believed, had stalled in this mission.Two days after he stepped into Alt Space VR, Soto delivered his first sermon there. Sometimes he attracted a dozen people; sometimes the virtual room where he preached was empty. In all his years as a pastor, Soto had never had an atheist at his service.Now atheists regularly came to listen to him preach about divine love, and they talked openly about their own faith. The people who never felt comfortable walking into a house of worship were happy to join him on Alt Space VR.They sold their home and most of their belongings and piled their five young children into a 30-foot trailer.Their plan was to head to California, by way of backroads, launching a series of pop-up churches along the way. Alt Space VR was exactly what he’d been looking for.

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Sure, virtual reality has provided a free zone for cybersex, porn, and trolling.

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