Core data updating model

But for now, let’s dive into each of the above functions…s for the main thread and a background thread.

Check the Cloud Kit checkbox, and the Remote Notifications checkbox.

The other checks for the , which is an issue that is consistently overlooked in deleting Core Data objects.

Accessing the object via a fetch is no guarantee that the same object will be deleted on the same thread that it was accessed on, so deleting by ID is the recommended approach by Apple.

I’ll expand on my thoughts on Lotus MVC, and how it ties into a pattern that I’m calling FUMVC (part joke, part serious) to combat against the trend to double down on complexity, at another time.

When classic software engineering concepts of high cohesion & low coupling are applied along with SOLID principles, MVC in i OS tends to strike a balance between a particularly well abstracted yet easy to follow architecture.

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