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Then Family Second Family is an incredible, built-in support system, and we can’t take that for granted.

Unfortunately, most people we date in high school aren’t going to be the people we marry (sad, but far more true than not true).

You’re also not honoring your partner if you’re ogling other guys and flirting with other people. Be Encouraging There is something called henpecking that is something similar to nagging.

We have to find balance, and showing you love God and family only demonstrates we can love others unconditionally.

Put God First God should always be the most important thing in our lives.

We get distracted by a lot of things, and relationships can sometimes end up taking priority over Him.

You should expect Christian dating boundaries from the beginning.

Most Christians court, which means dating with marriage in mind.

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Sometimes girls get into the “whose boyfriend is worse” game.

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