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He eventually comes upon humanoid creatures—"no more than three foot six inches", with purple skin, flaxen hair, and a ten-inch horn in the middle of the forehead.

One of these attacks him—"he beat his horn in Alan's face". The horned purple midgets (the High Priestess has "small and pretty" features, "almost of English mould") turn out to be the descendants of ancient Hebrews swallowed up by the earth for defying Moses (see Numbers 16, v.31); and our heroes (the one who vanished is found by the one lost from the mine—he had been dragged down into the bowels of the earth by an incomprehensible sort of electric rope that the troglodytes have for that purpose), who have had proper classical educations at Queens College, Cambridge, soon learn to speak their corrupted Hebrew.

Ella Scrymsour has been something of a mystery to researchers for many years.

"There was a slight splash, but no sound came to tell him that it had reached the bottom".The ship with our heroes, wife, baby, uncle, and an engineer and a mechanic is hurled into outer space.After a year or so they reach Jupiter, almost dead of hunger and thirst.Fortunately, the Argenta is fitted with an optional outer hull that "unfolds and clips into position by means of strong clasps" at the pull of a lever.The space between the hulls is then filled with a "mixture of gases of which ether is the chief component".

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