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This is because they actually read and respond to all their messages.” Cadie will respond for you.Google Brain Search uses CADIE technology to index your brain. See this monograph signed by the CADIE team for example. “Until now, Aardvark could only be used via instant messenger or email to get answers to your questions within minutes.You simply collect a sample of your DNA by swabbing the inside of your cheek, place the sample in the included protective plastic tube, and drop it in the mail to be sent back to Barakhamba.In 10 to 12 weeks Dandy ID will receive a digital representation of your DNA genotype, which will then be tied to your account.” In a surprise move, Redbox has announced that they will start offering a movie streaming service later this month. “Pk Prnt is the latest in mobile messaging technology from Peek.” Zappos is now equipped with bunk-desks.Boris from The Next Web has launched a Twitter Fax service.this is a joke: Shouttr, currently in an alpha-development stage, is a program that lets you post and read tweets others much like any other Twitter client.Scientists at CERN have found the cell that basically triggered the Big Bang. There’s a new social network for your nose, a friendspace for your fragrance, a place to share your opinions on perfumes and vote for your favorite smells. Opera has moved on from Mouse Gestures and comes out of the closet with Face Gestures. (Site Point) Expedia is offering flights to Mars from . Funny too: now requires registration for their services. The purpose of the Conficker worm has been revealed: the network of compromised hosts will begin a massive denial-of-service attack on Web sites that do not pass validation as being fully standards-compliant. The British government has announced plans to provide children and teenagers living in the United Kingdom with a free customised version of the Nintendo Wii together with two games and the Wii Fit accessories.

It will have a built-in brain wave reading chip, with sensors that need to be applied onto the user’s skull. This new Landmark j Query plugin will alter the face of the internet. Following a unanimous vote, his replacement is named (Barry Warsaw). As of today all the newspapers, magazines and TV-channels using Twingly to link back to blogs also will show trackbacks to all emails containing links to their articles. Well executed hoax: announces the SUPER ECO FRIENDLY Business Card. Google News Drone: unmanned aircrafts will cover breaking news as it happens. Ireland, North and South England will have their own niches, due to language and cultural differences.Groups of like-minded users can even collaborate to put a sentence together.” (we put one here but took it off because it consumed too much space) Bailout is a government sponsored online dating service that helps scorned CEOs find true love. Complete the app installation and just place your phone’s screen directly on top of the HDMI Port. ” The domain name for Cardschat has been seized by Governor Beshear and the Kentucky State Department of Justice as part of an investigation into internet gambling, and is now the sole property of the State of Kentucky.The Echo Nest is unveiling a new API that solves the problem of music discovery, once and for all. Star Tech mentions something about invisible cables. Funny: has launched a nano-blogging service for businesses. Tribune Company today announced detailed plans to introduce a high-power, low-cost communications device designed to make all media, including the Internet, obsolete by next year. Chegg debuts edible textbooks in 21 delicious flavors.“The government will have absolutely no chance of acting against them, because they will be too busy trying to decide which Federal Air Regulation (FAR) was violated, not to mention scheduling news conferences.“ Meanwhile, Google masters artificial intelligence in a post and description that’s way too geeky for me.

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