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The first Music Popularity Chart was calculated in July, 1940.A variety of song charts followed, which were eventually consolidated into the Hot 100 by mid-1958.The chart also spawned imitators - Record Mirror launched its own chart in 1955 and Melody Maker in 1958.The forerunner of today's official chart first appeared in the music trade publication Record Retailer (now Music Week) in 1960 as a Top 50, but was not immediately recognised as the definitive chart in the country.

In 1990, the country singles chart was the first chart to use Sound Scan and BDS.

Arguably, the NME chart was still the most recognised chart, and had the advantage of widespread exposure due to its use by Radio Luxembourg.

Throughout the sixties, the various different charts vied for public recognition, leading to some historical anomalies for example, The Beatles' second single "Please Please Me" was a number one on most charts, but not in Record Retailer.

The chart rapidly became one of the paper's most popular features.

After only a few weeks, it started being quoted in record company advertisements and press releases.

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Billboard is considered the foremost worldwide authority worldwide in music charts, and the rankings have gained a following among the general public.

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