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While I'm pleased that he's come out and I'm happy for him, I find it insulting when -- and they do this ONLY for gay stars -- when Hollywood PR flack say some bs about the actor wanting to have "a private life." It's bullshit and it's insulting. They once played lovers in a play, and I can't help wondering if the audience found that really confusing. It seems like a lot of his fans already knew he was gay knew about him being with Mark.I don't think his quote from last year only applies to gay people. No matter how Shakespeare-talented he is, I don't appreciate Ben Wishaw much. To give him credit he never lied or pretended to be straight or had fake PR romances with women - he just made it clear he wouldn't discuss his personal life at all.His Richard II in Hollow Crown is the kind of performance that should be talked about for generations and likely will. Lean looks good on him generally, but his body was painfully skinny half naked in that scene.[quote] Ben is playing a crazy vicious bully, which, despite his dark look in the play press photo, I have a hard time imagining.It doesn't help that his main bullying target (Morgan) is the same height as him and more muscular. BW's character has been able to get away with more because he is the son of the boss, and he is an unpredictable and violent person. BW's character doesn't have to be bigger to successfully bully.

So if you’re constantly telling people about yourself, I think you’re shooting yourself in the foot.’What r29 said. Whishaw's husband should do the sa- oh wait, he too is ugly. Zzzzzz I honestly can't tell him and Hugh Dancy apart - they could be twins, especially with facial hair. It will be interesting to see how it affects his career but however the news has come out I hope him his partner are happy I thought he came across a bit awkward in the Out interview to be honest - like he wanted to be honest say he was gay but he didn't want to say it at the same time.I find Ben's comments about his private life to be enlightening and hopefully it'll help people (Cavill haters) understand that it's a choice to not want to talk about one's real private life. If you've seen Jennifer Aniston in person you'll understand. I think you're reiterating my point - they fall into the category of nobody gaf. And it just seemed like he was loath to even say he was gay publically.In an interview to promote Skyfall last year, he answered questions about his private life, saying: ‘For me, it’s important to keep a level of anonymity. Some people like Whishaw and Aniston are stunningly beautiful in person but don't translate as well on film. Henry Cavill is far more interesting than Ben Whishaw just like Angelina Jolie is far more interesting than Jennifer Aniston. I think the paper was going to run the story anyway and his rep had no choice but to confirm.There are plenty of straight actors that I can't take seriously because I know too much about their personal life (Brad and Angelina for example). He took it off of me, smiled and sucked me some that's it, we never repeated. Which kind of makes me wonder why it's been confirmed now.It's just that straight actors don't bother or don't care. I know practically everything about the lives of Natalie Wood and Montgomery Clift, but I can still watch Splendor in the Grass and From Here to Eternity and still totally accept and believe that they are a lovesick Kansas teenager and an embittered Army private respectively. I think he wanted to be known as an actor first and foremost rather than as a gay actor if that makes sense.

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Aiden Gillen, Baby in the movie, played Skinny in the original stage production. He was still lean but looked like he made an effort to put on some pounds.

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