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This plugin is just an interface (or bridge) that allows other plugins to do cool things.There are minimal configuration options, and you will probably *never* need to change anything. I will release a tutorial to develop with my plugin once the beta release comes out, but for now, you should just use the javadoc, or look at the getting started tutorial. these kids don't know what 'true' boredom really is. recording my self and replaying back on the vcr maybe.... Download Autofish and place the .litemod file in the /.minecraft/mods/ folder. Download Autofish 0.5.0 for [1.9.4] [1.9] • Updated to Minecraft 1.9 Download Autofish 0.4.9 for [1.8] [1.7.10] • Fixed multirod not switching after rod break • Added alternate options menu in the Lite Loader config panel for those who want to disable the dedicated keybind • Added mod compatibility for Mariculture and added Mariculture fishing rods to the config file by default Autofish 0.4.8 for 1.8 • Updated to Minecraft 1.8 • Added Aquaculture rods to config by default Autofish 0.4.7 for 1.7.10 • Fixed compatibility with Aquaculture and other mods • Added delay between Clear Lag recasts Autofish 0.4.6 for 1.7.10 • Added a slight delay after the Clear Lag message is displayed • Added option to change recast delay time in the config file Autofish 0.4.5 for 1.7.10 • Fixed a bug where it would only autofish in the overworld while in singleplayer • Removed recaster - it was unnecessary and confused users • Can now recast upon seeing a message in chat (such as the message displayed when the Clear Lag plugin removes fish hook entities) - the regex can be configured in the config file, but by default it's set to the Clear Lag's default message Autofish 0.4.4 for 1.7.10 • Fixed a bug where Multirod "no break mode" would keep using the last fishing rod and let it break - now it stops fishing after reeling in if no suitable rod is found - Note: If the player manually casts using an almost broken fishing rod, the mod will still use it for one catch; the check is performed after a fish is reeled in.If you need any help, just ask in the comments and provide a screenshot or exact text of the message your server sends.Unfortunately, there is no standard method to do this in bukkit or vanilla, so that's why I wrote my client GUI bridge.The basic idea of the bridge is that the server can send the client a command to, for example, open a customized GUI.

It's recommend to create a subfolder which is named with the version which you are backing up, for example "1.2.5".

Best way to get the backup fully legal is just to create it by your own right after you downloaded the latest version: In the Minecraft Launcher, click "Options" and then click on the Path right behind "Game location on disk".

In the File Explorer, open "bin" and in which you will find

Install the Fabric Mod Loader (Click "Vanilla" if you use the standard launcher). Download the Fabric API and place the file in the /.minecraft/mods/ folder. Download Autofish and place the file in the /.minecraft/mods/ folder. You need to change the chat pattern in the options to a regular expression that matches the message sent when entities are cleared.

If you use a mod that adds a fishing rod and it's not working, let me know and I can try to develop a workaround.

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