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There are also many other modes, you have rich client and server side methods in order to start editing one or more rows.Still I will let you discover them and invent new ones.The attached project is written in Visual Studio 2012. Also you will need a Microsoft SQL Server 2012, Express or and more advanced version will be just fine.

I will not waste space in this post so I will show you only what you would need to add.This is because we didn’t binded our grid to a valid and well defined Data Source.Because of this, we have our edit controls in read only state.Kindly this even will provide us the visible index via the function parameter which will indicate the row that user double clicked.If you run the example right now and double click on a row, you should see something similar to this: Even if this looks nice and simple, you maybe noticed that the fields are not editable.

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As first we will add a couple of new methods in our Data Service class.

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