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Tran talks to professional matchmakers, social science experts and people in interracial relationships to figure out why people — and in particular, Asian men — reacted so negatively to her love life.

The 40-minute piece, which was created in partnership with You Tube's Creators for Change program, tells us a ton about interracial relationships.I'm a Black woman married to a Latinx man who looks like a white guy, and people have hinted I fell for him because of some fetishization for whiteness and distaste for Blackness.It feels like an unfair assumption, but it's not like it just appeared out of thin air.I'm grateful for Tran's project because I can relate on a very personal level.While she specifically focuses on white men and Asian women in this documentary, anyone who's ever been in an interracial relationship can attest to the complications it can bring.

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But while many see no issue with it, more than a few Asian women find it deeply frustrating.

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