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Being an alpha female, I find it to be quite awesome. We're stubborn, opinionated, intimidating and sometimes kind of mean.However, we carry ourselves with the "I'm a boss ass bitch and you cannot stand in my way to greatness" attitude.So, if you’ve only been dating an alpha female for a few weeks, do not expect her to bail on her meditation class because you’re in the mood to go out for drinks.

If an alpha female sees someone cut someone in line, she’ll speak up.They won’t smile in the face of people who don’t make them happy. I’m nothing special” when you complimented an alpha female, you’re in for a surprise.They won’t ask how someone is doing when they don’t care how that person is doing. Alpha females have no problem accepting compliments.Alpha females will not tolerate you texting while they talk to you, or even clearly tuning out while they speak. If they do not, they’ll ask that you let them know when they do, and then they’ll start talking again.If you think you can multitask when speaking to an alpha female—like by answering emails while listening—you are mistaken.

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If you wrong an alpha female, there will be little wiggle room for apologizing. If you reschedule a first date with an alpha female several times, she won’t give you another chance. Alpha females call out destructive or inhibiting dynamics the moment they recognize them.

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