Are strong women intimidating to men for dating for women

A strong woman is faithful and is committed to her partner.She reciprocates – even with much more; if she feels your love, she will do anything just to make sure you also feel her love.

The worst thing a man can probably do is to make a strong woman feel weak.

It was a success; Bobbi became pregnant with SEVEN babies, but the doctors advised her to terminate four of them since there are massive risks involved in carrying multiple babies.

The couple refused even though she was told that selective termination will increase the chances of the remaining babies to survive.

Bobbi Mc Caughey and her husband Kenny went through fertility treatment to have more babies.

The couple from Des Moines, Iowa already had a daughter before they decided to go for the treatment.

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A strong woman knows what she wants and will do whatever it takes to get it.

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