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Before beginning your examination or discussion, you should ask the patient if he or she wishes the companion to remain in the room.No, you cannot refuse to treat a patient who has a disability just because the exam might take more of your or your staff's time.Barrier removal is readily achievable when it is easily accomplishable and able to be carried out without much difficulty or expense.If barrier removal is not readily achievable, the entity must make its services available through alternative methods, if those methods are readily achievable.There are several ways to make the exam table accessible to a person using a wheelchair.A good option is to have a table that adjusts down to the level of a wheelchair, approximately 17-19 inches from the floor.(See Part 4 of this publication for a more in-depth discussion of accessible exam tables.) What is important is that a person with a disability receives equal medical services to those received by a person without a disability.If the examination does not require that a person lie down (for example, an examination of the face), then the exam table is not important to the medical care and the patient may remain seated. You cannot deny service to a patient whom you would otherwise serve because she has a disability.

This publication may be obtained, viewed or downloaded from the ADA Website (gov).The standards adopted under the ADA to ensure equal access to individuals with disabilities are generally the same as those required under Section 504.Services and Facilities Both Title II and Title III of the ADA and Section 504 require that medical care providers provide individuals with disabilities: The ADA sets requirements for new construction of and alterations to buildings and facilities, including health care facilities.You must examine the patient as you would any patient.In order to do so, you may need to provide an accessible exam table, an accessible stretcher or gurney, or a patient lift, or have enough trained staff available who can assist the patient to transfer. If a patient chooses to bring along a friend or family member to the appointment, they may.

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