30 most intimidating baseball players

If this list appears biased toward songs I personally enjoy, that’s OK: It so happens my opinions are the correct ones.EXPLICIT CONTENT WARNING: Many of the following videos include explicit lyrics and/or suggestive imagery. 59, the one chosen by Padres’ infielder Allen Cordoba, probably should not be watched in any sort of workplace. Presumably he’s done warming up by the time that part comes on, and I’m not sure the Rockies would abide that.Meanwhile, it has been reported that Kyrie Irving may or may not already know where he is going in free agency and the Golden State Warriors are contemplating a sign-and-trade with Kevin Durant. Yankees add even more pop The Yankees are not taking any chances this season with the power in their line-up.And again, none of this can be official for at least 10 days. They went out and picked up Seattle Mariners designated hitter Edwin Encarnacion for cash and a prospect on Saturday and now feature a line-up that could have as many as five 30-home run hitters in it, or even more.I leaned toward song choices that I find especially entertaining, as baseball is for entertainment.

Really, don’t click on the video if anyone can see your computer screen. I always link with two other bumping ’90s R&B jams. At the outset of compiling this, I would’ve guessed Miller would land higher. Were the Monstars quietly the greatest rap supergroup ever assembled? Benoit throws pretty hard, so “Fireball” seems appropriate. But choosing Bone Thugs’ biggest hit counts as a mark against him. This song was huge among big-league relievers for a couple years and still shows up as the warmup jam for a few bullpen arms. I included a couple not named on the master list that I confirmed with my own ears by hearing them at ballparks.This ranking is based on a variety of criteria, including the quality of the song itself and the originality of the choice.

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