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(Aubrey Peeples and Sarah Dugdale take over as the leads).

Super Bowl LIII (CBS) Apparently we are still condoning head injuries in the name of entertainment and advertising dollars.(HBO) Cocoa Khaleesis Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson return for more live shows based on their popular podcast, this time with guests like Lupita Nyong’o (for an episode about fashion) and Daniel Radcliffe (for an episode about nostalgia).

Television can get in on this “out with the old, in with the new” resolution game too. (It’s third season is also its last).(Fox) A singing competition series featuring celebrities in disguise, this is panelist Ken Jeong’s mother’s favorite show in Korea.

This is particularly true this season, as the early winter months of 2019 see both the end of beloved old shows and the beginnings of new ones to adore—plus a lot of stalwarts to ensure we’re kept company during the colder months. And the new American adaptation will soon be yours.

(tru TV) The holidays may be over, but that doesn’t mean Amy—and special guests like Matthew Broderick, Justin Theroux, Susan Sarandon, Fred Armisen, and Rose Byrne—can’t teach us how to keep the festivities going.(PBS) The life of country music superstar Charley Pride serves as entry point into the complicated history of the American South.34th Independent Spirit Awards (IFC) This year’s nominees for best picture are (HBO) Jeffrey Wright stars as a former prison gang leader who takes a new arrival under his wings just as he’s about to be released.

He interviews Alec Baldwin, Rosanne Cash, Chuck D, Emmylou Harris, Ethan Hawke, Van Jones, Mike Myers, and Dan Rather along the way.(Lifetime) Lifetime network staple Kellie Martin, who starred in the original version of this TV movie, is back for the remake—this time playing the FBI agent who cracks the case.Contestants also participate in different kinds of challenges to win their own special opportunities or dates afterward. version exploded via word of mouth and social media to become a huge hit, and its viewership has grown every year," CBS Senior EVP of Programming Thom Sherman said in a statement. Since its July 9 premiere, the dating show has introduced plenty of romantic scenarios that audiences can relate to, which only amplifies their investment in the overall series. series on Hulu, including its ongoing fifth season.Single contestants and pairs who receive the fewest amount of occasional audience votes are ultimately eliminated from the CBS series. At the helm of the show's fandom is winding down, fans don't have to wait until next summer for more drama. These interviews are interspersed with footage of each one, inexplicably, attempting to look sexy while laying in a ball pit that also happens to include rubber ducks. (CBS’ other summer reality staple, , airs only three.) It isn’t what you call “good” television but it’s far more purely enjoyable than much scripted fare, especially because it’s self-aware enough to never aim much higher than “attractive people hooking up, arguing, and working out.” It doesn’t want to be doesn’t live up to the charm and smarm of its U. counterpart (especially missing are the accents, the jargon, and the gleefully groan-worthy narration from Iain Stirling) but it’s still hard to look away.There is no discernible reason why the ball pit is necessary nor is there a way to look sultry while flailing around in one. , a compulsively watchable reality dating series, originated in the U. and, thanks to Hulu, has found a legion of dedicated American fans. The actual conceit of the show is this: a group of “sexy singles” temporarily live in a beautiful villa and pair off into couples while attempting to find true love and/or a cash reward by the end.

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